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About Us


It was just an idea back in 2010 and came to life in 2016.


A lot of research and planning went into finding out what and how people save money by sharing information about things they buy. Using this information the website was designed around enabling people do just that. "Share Their Haggles".

Get To Know Us

At HaggleHive we believe in sharing, especially sharing a good Haggle. We believe in providing you something genuine, other than simply comparing prices.

How Does It Work?

In the simplest terms HaggleHive is a community driven website and works by users sharing their Haggle (bargain) when buying certain items (e.g. A good deal on TV or a Tablet or even a Car!). While sharing this Haggle you can upload the receipt as a proof (optional).

So, if anyone else is looking for the same item, they can search for it, grab the receipt as a proof (that someone else got a really good deal for the same item) and go to the store/dealer and get them to either match that price or beat it (if the store does that).

Do I Need To Be A Member?

There is no membership required at all.

How To Share?

Just click the big "Share My Haggle" button located on the top right of any page. It looks like;
Share My Haggle©

Alternatively, when you find a Haggle for a specific item, next to each Haggle there is a small button that allows you to "Share Your Haggle" for the same item. When you click that button, it automatically fills in most of the item details so "Sharing Your Haggle" is even easier. It looks like;
Share My Haggle©

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